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Each registered boat participants will receive 4 laminated cards with the each stop's logos. You will be dealt a card at the Poker Run Party for each stop visited, up to the maximum number of stops. Keep your laminated card in a handy place when traveling and a volunteer at each stop will mark the appropriate stop logo when you visit them. To increase your odds, additional cards will be available for purchase at the Poker Run Party. 
Round 1

The game will begin with 5-card stud with up to seven cards being available per hand. Each participant turns in their laminated card to the dealer for verification and the dealer deals them one card for each stop marked on their laminated card. After discarding down to five playing cards, participants have the option to purchase up to 4 additional playing cards for $25 each. A fifth card may be purchased for $100. The top five hands in this round will progress to Round 2. In case of a tie, the participants will cut cards to determine a winner. Hands must always consist of 5 cards, thus you must discard a card before purchasing an additional card.  

Round 2

The five participants will sit at the final table. Five hands will be dealt from one deck in the first game of Round 2 and the game will be five-card stud.  

Final Round

Two hands will be dealt from one deck. The game will be five-card stud. Highest hand wins grand prize. In the event of a tie, the two players will cut the deck and high card will win.

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